Every thing you need to develop an intimate relationship with Christ through bible study, journaling, and prayer.

I'll start by saying the most impactful part for me was that it caused me to think critically about what I read and not be passive. This devotional not only encouraged it taught me how to study my bible and tackle what i read in every day life. What i most enjoyed about this journal is that it doesn't mince words; and the message. 

Cassandre Brisot
Author of Six Years and A Quarter Way Through

I think the journal is a great start for anyone trying to upgrade their prayer life! I use mine every morning and the guided entries make it super easy to maneuver! Let’s not forget how cute it is on the front! Pink is my favorite color!

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Of all the things that have been helpful to me is using this journal for my personal growth and goal achievement, using my journal daily is my foundation to success, this journal helps me accomplish my goals, and focus my thoughts.

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